Werner Capital LLP

Werner Capital is a multi-family office focused in residential real estate developments. We manage our clients’ investments in high quality residential developments and act as the developer to execute our projects efficiently from start to finish. Our developments focus typically on prime or improving locations that have significant capital appreciation potential in London and prime holiday locations across Europe.

Strategic, not speculative.

We manage our projects from start to finish. Starting from the decisions of where to invest to deciding when to exit, our unique approach allows us to control all aspects of the development, from planning, to completion.

Creative and demanding.

We have a strong creative team that makes sure that outstanding architectural and interior design is converted into a superior lifestyle experience for our residents. No development is the same. All are tailored to needs or our clients.

From the ground up.

We act as Developers to control your investment. We are involved in every single detail. This allows us to deliver superior quality in a cost controlled manner.