Werner Capital LLP

We provide turnkey solutions for international real estate investors that cover all the phases of a development from the initial sourcing and acquisition to structuring, design and construction project management through to final completion handover and planned exit strategies.


Understanding your needs

A key factor in our success is a clear understanding of the needs of our clients and investors. This ensures that our approach is designed to be successful. The next vital step is planning. Effective planning in the early phases of a project will dictate long-term success. Only now the project can start.


Setting up for success

One of the key strategies is to find the most effective tax and legal set-up of your asset. We will manage this process for you with the most reputable solicitors. This will not only guarantee a solid and robust bidding strategy for a successful purchase and planning phases, but also a save investment.

Architecture and Interior Design

Sourcing the finest

We work with the best architects and most creative designers to deliver original and high quality solutions in architecture and design.

Our aim is to find solutions that derive uniqueness from being exceptionally dedicated to the design problem. We also take care of every single detail and control the procurement process to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

Construction Management

Building the dream

We look after all phases of the development process, including construction. This is where the end product is crafted, where the designs are converted into reality. This allows us to deliver superior quality in a time and cost controlled manner.


Looking after what matters

Although it is extremely important post-development is often neglected. Our support extends beyond completion. During this phase, everything is arranged that is necessary to bring the project to a successful completion.

We understand the value of a well-managed property as it drives value. And finally, the exit strategy will be implemented. We will launch a sales & marketing campaign to ensure the planned returns are met.